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Re: FAT32 image

From: Andrew Clausen
Subject: Re: FAT32 image
Date: Thu, 17 May 2001 09:03:53 +1000

Hi Charles,

I don't really know much about partimage.  Perhaps you
should cc him... I'll answer the Parted questions ;-)
(CC your questions & answers here too from the partimage
people - some people here will be interested ;-)

Charles Lewis wrote:

> To restore HD backup image
> 1. Boot up to partimage CD
> 2. fdisk HD to create FAT32 partition

You can use Parted here if you want.  Fdisk works too ;-)
Parted is probably more scriptable.

You can do, from a shell script:

        parted -s /dev/hdb mkpart primary fat 0 2000

That won't necessarily be fat32 though.  However, when
you do a resize with Parted (see below), it will automatically
set the partition type ID correctly.

This is only important for Windows (Linux ignores partition
type IDs)

> To grow an 2GB filesystem image to fill an 8GB partition using parted
> 1. parted print to get disk geometry?

You only need the size of the disk.  You can get this from
/proc/partitions, with sed and grep ;-)

> 2. parted resize MINOR START END ?

Correct.  You could set START = 0, and END = whatever you
want from /proc/partitions

Andrew Clausen

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