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Re: Build problems with 1.4.12 ...

From: Andrew Clausen
Subject: Re: Build problems with 1.4.12 ...
Date: Wed, 23 May 2001 11:53:16 +1000

Timshel Knoll wrote:
> Your CFLAGS += -Werror might have backfired on you ;-)

No problems!   We get to uncover more bugs...

> +                                               (long) entry->num,
> +                                               (long) entry->dest,


> Looks like you're using an old readline ... all functions are prefixed
> with rl_ now AFAICT ...

OK, I autoconfused this.

> Now let's see how it goes on other arches :-) I think that I might
> disable -Werror for the purposes of packaging, it might well cause way
> too many headaches otherwise ...

Well, headaches now are better than (worse) headaches later ;-)

> Also, your `type -p getconf' test doesn't work in shells like ash :-(
> ash's `type' doesn't seem to support -p ... in fact it doesn't support
> any options at all ... this has caused building on my main machine to
> revert to using the llseek () syscall, as I have /bin/sh -> /bin/ash
> on my system ... I've reverted to using `which' locally ... :-(

<bad joke>So, which one should I use?</bad joke>

I did this:


Andrew Clausen

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