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Re: parted moving the swap file when resizing?

From: Andrew Clausen
Subject: Re: parted moving the swap file when resizing?
Date: Sat, 26 May 2001 08:16:14 +1000

address@hidden wrote:
> Hi,
> Thank for your information.
> The pagefile.sys can be easily recreate, it not an issue.

How is this done?  Should I include instructions in the Parted

> What I found is that the parted is so flexible that sometimes we could
> possible do something wrong with it.

Yeah, I can imagine.  Some versions of Windows choke on weird

> My last experience is to resize my Windows200 FAT32 partition and create a
> boot partition for linux.
> Originally, (the start end just for illustration purpose)
> Minor
> 1          0.031 - 10000   FAT    lba, A
> 2          10000 - 20000   FAT            ; extend partition

So, partition 2 isn't fat?

> become
> 1          52 - 10000      FAT   lba, A
> 2        10000 - 20000     FAT           ; extend partition
> 3          0.031 - 51.999  ext2
> Windows 2000 seem to be confused. Even though no error message saying
> partition having problem, the Windows 2000 can not run properly. It's
> crawling at the startup phase and keep shutdown the machine before get to
> the user desktop.


> Could it possible to sort and the minor in partition table, so that the
> primary partition start-end in acending order?

This idea scares me... (it will cause all sorts of headaches...)

I guess you can try swapping the order around...
(Prolly easiest to do this by backing up, deleting original
partitions, and recreating, with a different order.
Maybe doing it with sfdisk is easiest)

Andrew Clausen

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