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Undocumented questions

From: Ron
Subject: Undocumented questions
Date: Wed, 20 Jun 2001 11:36:21 -0400

Thanks for your work and support of parted!  I especially like its
ability to work for multiple platforms (Windows & Linux)!

I have a number of questions that I couldn't find in the documentation:

1. When you resize does it always do so non-destructively?  OK, this
appears to be one of the main purposes of parted, but this is never
explicitly stated in the documentation!

2. If you resize a partition smaller than the space currently in use,
what happens?  Do you get a warning or is some data lost?

3. It would be helpful to identify the fat type (FAT16 or FAT32) for
each partition in the print command.

4. I understand the cluster limitation in section 6.2 of the
documentation, but I had to search the internet to find a table of
cluster size to disk partition size limitations.  It would be helpful to
add this table to your documentation.

5. Is there any way to search your email archive list?  If so, it's not
apparent to me.  I scanned the entire list to see if any of these
questions had already been answered, but there ought to be an easier
way, especially as the list grows!

I'll check this list for your response.  I can also be reached by email
at address@hidden  Now that I've told you who I work for, I have
to add this obvious disclaimer: "Any opinions expressed in this message
are not necessarily those of the agency."

Thanks in advance!

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