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Re: Creating an extended partition for whole disk size... automaticly

From: Bas Rijniersce
Subject: Re: Creating an extended partition for whole disk size... automaticly
Date: Thu, 21 Jun 2001 10:11:47 +0200 (CEST)
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Quoting Andrew Clausen <address@hidden>:

> > Now I have to give start and end position in MB. It would we nice to
> be able to 
> > use a special keyword like $END to get the end size you also see when
> you 
> > use "print"
> Yeah, it would be nice to provide a nice mechanism for shell scripts.
> I guess it's a matter of someone writing lots of ugly sed stuff...

I'm completely unfamilair with the parted code, but it isn't possible to just 
export some of the internal variables (like the value of the disk size shown 
with "print") into "Macros" that can be used within a parted script.
> So, I'd include useful shell routines, if you send me some...

Sorry, what do you mean by "include useful shell routines".
> > I'll probably create a script that parses the output of parted < "echo
> print" 
> > or something like that. But it would be nice to do that automaticly
> Well, doing automatically... how exactly?

By automaticly I meant, using a macro provided by parted, like $SIZE_OF_DISK.
> I should also mention that there are python bindings available.  They

I'm using it on the image CD. Only limited space, parted / bash fit, but a 
python interpreter probably won't fit.

> Andrew Clausen

Thanx a lot,

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