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RE: GPT patch against 1.4.15-pre1

From: Matt_Domsch
Subject: RE: GPT patch against 1.4.15-pre1
Date: Mon, 2 Jul 2001 22:10:34 -0500

> One question though: why do we need all those magic numbers with
> efi_guid_t?  Do those fields have a meaning?  Could you give them
> appropriate names?

Yes, they have a meaning, but I simply copied the structure definition from
the IA-64 kernel. :-)
Per the EFI spec:

Mnemonic                        Offset  Length  Description
TimeLow                 0               4               The low field of the
TimeMid                 4               2               The middle field of
the timestamp.
TimeHighAndVersion      6               2               The high field of
the timestamp multiplexed with the version number.
ClockSeqHighAndReserved 8               1               The high field of
the clock sequence multiplexed with the variant.
ClockSeqLow                     9               1               The low
field of the clock sequence.
Node                            10              6               The
spatially unique node identifier. This can be based on any IEEE 802 address
obtained from a
card. If no network card exists in the system,
cryptographic-quality random number can be used.

Conveniently, this is the same structure as Ted T'so's uuid_t, which he
simply defines as typedef unsigned char uuid_t[16];  So, it could be worse.

My lab network is down tonight, but I'll see about clarifying the structure
when it's back up.  I see Ted's got a struct uuid in e2fsprogs which matches
quite well, and he goes back and forth between uuid and uuid_t.


Matt Domsch
Sr. Software Engineer
Dell Linux Solutions
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