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Windows thinks I have an EZ-Drive partition?

From: Paul DeMello
Subject: Windows thinks I have an EZ-Drive partition?
Date: Sun, 08 Jul 2001 15:29:21 -0700

I'm using parted 1.4.14 on Red Hat 7.1, on a system where it's dual-booting 
with Windows ME, using LILO.  I did a resize on a 6-gig fat32 partition 
(primary, hda1, type 0xc, and bootable)...  Actually I just shrank it to 5 gig. 
I rebooted after that, as per parted's advice.

This partition happens to be my Windows ME C: drive.  In Linux, everything 
seems to work smoothly w/ the partition, etc.  The partition type is correct 
(0xc), as well.  From Linux, I can read everything that's in the drive..  
However, I can't boot up in windows anymore, as it says "Invalid system 
disk..."  I ran partition magic's boot disk, and it thinks that the partition 
is of type 0x55 (EZ-Drive).

So, any ideas about what went wrong?  Or, at least a way to fix the problem 
without having to reinstall windows.  I'm not aware of how windows checks the 
partition type, because I used to think it was the same way linux does.  If 
only I could just change the contents of whatever windows reads...

Any help would be appreciated.  thanks. :)

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