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Re: Problems starting Parted

From: Sven Backhausen
Subject: Re: Problems starting Parted
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2001 14:38:26 +0200

Am Dienstag, 17. Juli 2001 01:08 schrieb Stefano Lucentini:
> I have not been able to make Parted see my HD (its controller, exactly):
> MB: ASUS A7V 133 with HD controller PROMISE ATA 100
> I'd like to create a LINUX partition (3 or 4 GB)resizing an existing FAT 32
> (second partition of the HD):
>     HD = 20 GB;
>          1st = 18 GB (FAT 32);
>          2nd = 2 GB (FAT 32, to be resized and transformed in LINUX);
> The message at Parted starting:
> Error
> the DEVICE (trying with /sda2 and /hda2) is neither EIDE nor SCSI...
1. To use parted with the promise controller, you need a kernel with builtin 
HPT-Support (Do you use the parted bootdisk? I don't know if the 
HighPoint-driver is included). If you don't have a kernel that supports the 
Promise chip, you can connect your harddisc to one of the two onboard 
VIA82xxx-channels for partitioning.

2. If you use the Promise-chip, your disc should be /dev/hde (hda - hdd are 
reserved for the onboard VIA82xxx ide controller)


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