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[bug] mkpartfs

From: Neal H Walfield
Subject: [bug] mkpartfs
Date: Sun, 5 Aug 2001 02:22:57 +0200
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Consider the following transcript:

        address@hidden:~/src/parted-1.5.3/build (0)$ sudo parted/parted \
        > /dev/hd2
        GNU Parted 1.5.3

        [ chop ]

        Using /dev/hd2
        (parted) print
        Disk geometry for /dev/hd2: 0.000-19092.937 megabytes
        Disk label type: msdos
        Minor    Start       End     Type      Filesystem  Flags
        1          0.031    953.859  primary   linux-swap  
        2        953.859   1907.718  primary   sun-ufs     
        3       1907.719   2861.578  primary   FAT         
        4       2861.578   9538.593  extended              
        5       2861.609   3815.437  logical   ext2        
        6       3815.468   4769.296  logical   ext2        
        7       4769.328   5723.156  logical   ext2        
        8       5723.187   6677.015  logical   ext2        
        9       6677.046   7630.875  logical   ext2        
        10      7630.906   8584.734  logical   ext2        
        11      8584.765   9538.593  logical               
        (parted) mkpart
        Partition type?  logical? log
        File system type? ext2? ext2
        Start? 10000
        End? 11000
        Error: The new partition overlaps with another partition.
        (parted) resize
        Partition number? 4
        Start? 2861.578
        End? 19092
        Error: Can't grow a partition onto used space.
        (parted) quit
        address@hidden:~/src/parted-1.5.3/build (0)$ exit

As you can see, I have a 20G hard drive.  The extended partition (as
created by cfdisk under GNU/Linux), only extends until the end of the
last logical partition.  Therefore, I cannot create additional logical
partitions without extending the extended partition.  However, Parted
will not let me resize the extended partition because it overlaps other
partitions (but, of course it does!).  Parted should always assume that
the end of the extended partition is the end of the disk: all primary
partitions _must_ start and end before the start of extended partition,
thereby, making this is a valid assumption.


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