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From: Mugleston, Brad
Subject: Question
Date: Tue, 7 Aug 2001 14:06:36 -0600

I just got PARTED for my Linux box (RH 6.0) and have read the HOW-TO.  I'm
ready to go but would feel better if someone were there to help.

I have a 20G hard drive with Linux on a 2.5G partition and under Windows 95
a 2.5G partition for the Windows software and the balance in a Windows D
drive.  I want to take half of this D drive and use it to grow the 2.5G Ext2

Looking at the HOW-TO in section 2.5.2 Example 2 it looks like you shrink
the larger drive (my D drive) and copy the one you want to grow into the new
free space.

It looks like you end up not using the old space (the old Minor 7 in the

I am also wondering about the format of the filesystem and how that all

Is there a step by step out there for what I'm trying to do?



PS please respond directly back to me as I am not part of this list.

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