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Re: [patch] parted.m4

From: Neal H Walfield
Subject: Re: [patch] parted.m4
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2001 15:29:12 +0200
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> > I have no clue.  I talk to Jeff Bailey (who recommended that I change it
> > away from AC_CHECK_PARTED) and he said that the only two standard name
> > spaces are AC_* and AM_*, other than that, everyone uses what they want.
> I've always used the name of the package, or some obvious abbreviation.
> This method seems good to me because it's quickly clear to a casual reader
> that the macros are package specific; if I saw a macro named `GNU_...'
> I'd wonder if there was some extra meaning to it.

Ok, how about PARTED_CHECK_LIBPARTED?  Or, feel free to suggest
something else.

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