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parted problem copying fat fs

From: Brent Byer
Subject: parted problem copying fat fs
Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2001 01:01:26 -0400 (EDT)


Version:  partboot-1.4.18.img  ( Bootdisk version )

minor     start      end       type
  1       0.031     954.843     FAT
  2     954.844    1907.718     FAT

<1>  is a just-created (via mkpartfs primary FAT 0.031 954.843)
     FAT-16 partition  (I answered "No" to the warning)
<2>  is a FAT-32 partition (contains 10 files, no sub-dirs, ~800MB used)

 aside:  the "print" command should *really* indicate FAT-16 or FAT-32,
         not just the less useful FAT.  Or, since FAT-32 is so much
         more prevalent, at least say FAT-16 when appropriate (and leave
         FAT to mean/imply FAT-32).

I verified that <1> really was FAT-16 by booting up Win95a and seeing it.

OK, here's the problem:

   cp 2 1        does perform the copy, BUT it results in <1> becoming FAT-32

I don't get it.  <1> is clearly below the 2G FAT-16 limit.

This action contradicts the write-up at  http://www.gnu.org/software/parted
under  Features  where note 5 (ref: copy/fat ) says

5. Parted supports both FAT16 and FAT32.  Parted can convert file systems
   between FAT16 and FAT32, if necessary.

I hope this report is complete (albeit quite "dry").
I look forward to your response.  Thanks for all the effort you've
put into this utility.


    Brent Byer   ( address@hidden )


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