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re: fat, boot windows

From: Christian Mendl
Subject: re: fat, boot windows
Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2001 22:54:13

Hello again,

Andrew, thanks for your reply.

First of all, how do you know that my partition is inconsistent - I just
can't tell that from what fdisk prints out.

The first time I used parted, I did the following (I can't remember the
actual start value):

I don't know if the geometry was wrong (although I think that this was
the cause), but Partition Magic, which I also tried, uses the same
geometry. My bios tells me the following:

       cylinders:    16383
           heads:       16
   sectors/track:       63
capacity(CHS/LBA): 8455 / 20525 Mb

What is the problem with parted using a different geometry (than windows)?

I'm using Windows 98.

I tried to do what you told me, but - after booting from the win98
installation boot disk - the command "sys" isn't there.

Anyway, I dd the first few sectors of hda2.



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