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Re: help

From: Andrew Clausen
Subject: Re: help
Date: Wed, 6 Mar 2002 08:54:52 +1100
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I'm sorry I'm not sure if I answered this...
(I should have used screen... oh well)

On Tue, Feb 26, 2002 at 10:46:00PM -0800, lynx wrote:
> I am very new to linux, and I am trying to install 
> it on a slightly older computer without a terribly big hard 
> drive.  I have 
> created a parted boot disk, and when i attempt to resize, I get 
> this  message.

I think I've fixed this "bug" in >= 1.5.x... thanks :)
(I should back-port a fix when I'm sure, etc.)

The problem is: it's hard to know, since there is no (correct) FAT
specification from MS for me to follow.

Basically: your file system is a special case, that doesn't
crop up very often (and is hard to find... very long story),
but I think I've solved it.


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