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resizing ext3?

From: Lukas Österreicher
Subject: resizing ext3?
Date: Fri, 08 Mar 2002 20:27:32 +0100


I've got a linux sytem with a 40gb harddisk,
redhat 7.2, kernel 2.4.17.

Besides others i've got two paritions that
are my concern:
/dev/hda2  with about 15gb mounted on /var
/dev/hda6  with about 18gb mounted on /usr
both are ext3 partitions.

Now I found e need large amounts of space
on /var (for http, ftp and database server)
and thus wish to take - say 10-15 gb from
/usr and add it to /var.

I did not see that parted supports ext3.
Am i right with this? I can't do anything
about this?

If i can't resize them by maintaining the
data on them, is there a safe way to
save the data on both (until now there is
not much data on them and i can put it on
other partitions or computers), delete
the partitions, create them again with
desired size and put the saved data on them
again? Can i do so while using only
the linux system i got installed on that

Or if parted (or any other sortware) supports
resizing this, how to do it?

I may have reached the wrong audience with this
mail - if so please tell me where to direct it

Thank you in advance,
Lukas Österreicher

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