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Re: Need Installation Help

From: Andrew Clausen
Subject: Re: Need Installation Help
Date: Sat, 9 Mar 2002 12:54:44 +1100
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On Sun, Mar 03, 2002 at 02:24:17PM -0800, Jack Uhl wrote:
> I purchased the SuSE LINUX 7.3 in December and am now getting around to 
> installing it.
> The hardware is a Dell Dimension 2100 with Pent. III 1.1Ghz; 128M Ram; 20Gb 
> hard drive. Operating system is Windows ME.
> During the installation procedure, at the step for partitioning the hard 
> drive, I get a message that the FAT partition file is not large enough and 
> the installation needs to be aborted. What is puzzling is that the SuSE 
> requirement for this file is ONE number larger than the alloted Windows size. 
> The error message is:
>     "Everything is OK so far. Error. The FATs aren't
>      big enough to describe all clusters! Each FAT is
>      9530 sectors. There are 1219839 clusters, which 
>      would require each FAT to be 9531 sectors. This is
>      REALLY weird. You might want to write us an email:
>      address@hidden A resizing error has occured."

This is a corner case of FAT that I hadn't been able to test in the
wild.  I think I'm dealing with it right in 1.6.x, and I'll backport
a "fix" in 1.4.x.

In the meantime, you can either compile your own 1.6.x, or use
another program like FIPS.


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