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Re: up to 12 seconds to print partition table!

From: Andreas Dilger
Subject: Re: up to 12 seconds to print partition table!
Date: Mon, 25 Mar 2002 16:49:31 -0700
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On Mar 25, 2002  22:48 +0000, Richard Hirst wrote:
> On Mon, Mar 25, 2002 at 07:02:15PM +0000, Richard Hirst wrote:
> >   I have an ia64 box here with 2G memory, and most of the memory used as
> > cache:
> > real    0m12.477s
> > user    0m0.041s
> > sys     0m12.007s
> One possibly relevant piece of info I forgot, kernel was 2.4.17.

This problem is fixed in parted 1.6.  I noticed it as well, and it was

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger  \ "If a man ate a pound of pasta and a pound of antipasto,
                 \  would they cancel out, leaving him still hungry?"
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