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Re: BIOS Geometry question.

From: Matthew Stanfield
Subject: Re: BIOS Geometry question.
Date: Tue, 26 Mar 2002 22:56:43 +0000

> > I've been having problems installing Linux (RedHat 7.2); on my system I get
> > the following error during install:
> >
> > running /sbin/loader
> > failed to read /modules/module-info
> > install exited abnormally
> This is strange.
> > Feedback from a redhat mailing list suggested I get rid of my Win 2000
> > partition (I had only one partition on the system a Win 2000 NTFS).
> I don't see how this is relevant to the above problem.
> It looks like a bug in Red Hat, or some other problem.

So it seems. More feedback suggested I burn another CD from the redhat iso
file. The new CD has 'solved' the problem and the install is working.

> > Now I want to use parted to create a partion(s) to install
> > Linux on to.
> Why not use Red Hat's installer to do this?

I couldn't get that far in the install process and thought my problem was
with my file system (as was suggested by someone in the redhat-install
mailing list), I intended to use parted to set up partitions / filesystems
that would then allow the installation to progress.

> > The documentation does not specify how to format this "hda=xxx" line.
> Section 3.1.1 gives a long explanation.

Sorry, must have missed that.

> I don't see why you're putting yourself
> through this pain anyway... the installer will figure out all this
> stuff automatically.

Yes, well neither do I. My credentials as a clueless linux newbie must be

Thanks for your help.



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