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progsreiserfs- (libreiserfs) is out!

From: Yura Umanets
Subject: progsreiserfs- (libreiserfs) is out!
Date: Sun, 05 May 2002 22:05:18 +0300
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Hi all!
I have shiped out progsreiserfs- today.

Changes are:

* added test for correct lookup
* correct key forming (by now, for any lookups keys are formed in corresponding to filesystem version)
* progs cleanups
* solaris warning fixed in mkfs.reiserfs.c
* journal code cleanups
* fixed getting of the boundary transactions in journal.c
* some changes in file dal
* fixed dal_dev (by now it returns st_dev instead device descriptor)
* a lot of changes inside the all sources
  (changes were made due to new abstraction levels paradigm)
* added reiserfs_fs_open_fast (opening without bitmap). The all demos progs are using it. * changed some manuals (tunefs.reiserfs.8). Added description for journal resizing. * the all filesystem's structures moved into filesystem.h (to avoid
  cyclical references)
* changes inside demos/lookup.c
* added reiserfs_block_realloc function (some basis for conversion of
  blocks with different block_size)
* added reiserfs_geom_fill function (used by clobber_skiped and
  journal_init functions)
* added reiserfs_fs_state_update function
* dal added into reiserfs_block_t struct
* added check whether system is linux in mkfs_get_recomended_format
* some improvements in regression tests (by now any error specified more exactly)

Yury Umanets,
IT Engeneer of Priocom Corp.
Phone: +380 44 4924636, ICQ: 55494590

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