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Re: Re: mkparted - new edition with nls support

From: robotti
Subject: Re: Re: mkparted - new edition with nls support
Date: Wed, 8 May 2002 11:06:54 +0700

On May 8, 02, address@hidden wrote:
>>>I  just  have  a  few  questions.  I  have  managed  to  create  a
>> parted  1.6  boot  floppy
>>>using  your  tool  but  I  can't  get  "mount"  to  mount  any  of  my
>> devices.  It  appears
>>>to  think  that  everything  is  ext2fs.  It's  vital  for  me  to  be
>> able  to  mount
>>>cdrom's  with  iso9660/joliet,  hard  disks  with  fat32  since  I
>> use  parted  for
>>>hard  disk  cloning.  Are  these  file  systems  left  out  or  am  I
>> just  doing
>>>something  wrong?  My  kernel  supports  those  file  systems
>>>(standard  mandrake  8.2  kernel)
>>It  should  mount  any  filesystem  the  kernel  supports.
>>Is  the  support  in  the  kernel  or  as  modules?
>>cat  /proc/filesystems
>>It  works  for  me.
>>mount  -rt  iso9660  /dev/hdd  /mnt/cdrom
>Hi and thanks,
>yes it appeared the default mandrake kernel loads pretty much everything 
>imaginable as modules. I compiled my own kernel for this bootdisk with 
>everything I need included in the kernel internally and now I can mount my 
>devices / file systems.
>Another problem has occured though. I get;
>"\nSegmentation fault"
>when I try to copy a 640 MB file from my cdrom to a hard drive partition.
>cp /mnt/cdrom/win98bare /mnt/hdb1/
>Could it be a buggy busybox release?
>I have mounted the effected devices with the correct file systems (hdb1 is 
>vfat & writable, and my cdrom is iso9660 & readable)
>mount -rt iso9660 /dev/hdc /mnt/cdrom
>mount -t vfat /dev/hdb1 /mnt/hdb1

That should be fixed in mkparted-1.0.3.tar.gz.



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