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reiserfs support problem!

From: robotti
Subject: reiserfs support problem!
Date: Thu, 16 May 2002 17:10:25 +0700

This is parted 1.6.1.

I have /usr/lib/libreiserfs.a from progsreiserfs v0.3.1-rc2

When I run configure it doesn't check for libreiserfs.

If I change this configure line

if test "$enable_dynamic_loading" = no -a "$enable_discover_only" = no; then

to this.

if test "$enable_dynamic_loading" = yes -a "$enable_discover_only" = no; then

It checks for libreiserfs but says it can't find reiserfs_fs_probe.


checking for dlopen in -ldl... yes
checking for uuid_generate in -luuid... yes
checking for reiserfs_fs_probe in -lreiserfs... no
checking for library containing tgetent... -lncurses
checking for readline in -lreadline... yes

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