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Help needed

From: softs024
Subject: Help needed
Date: Fri, 11 Oct 2002 13:15:51 +0200
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My name is Marco Pozzi and i'm an italian sys admin.
I have to resize two partitions on my primary file 
server; i read all the documentation of parted and my 
situation is similar to the example : "Resizing an 
ext2 partition on a crowded disk", so to this point 
no problems (i' m optimistic), but i need to know if 
my hardware configuration is supported by parted (i 
know parted supports HW raid, but somethimes i' m 
little bit paranoid) :
OS redhat 7.2
parted 1.4.16 (i' ll pass to the lastest version)
Hardware RAID 5
Adaptec RAID controller 3210s 2 channels
3 harddisks 36 GB each one' s
Has anybody had experience whit this hardware?
Thanks in advance
Best regards 

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