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Recursive partition

From: Sren Vedsted
Subject: Recursive partition
Date: Sat, 19 Oct 2002 21:53:13 -0000


Maybe someone can give me a hint about this one:

I have always run a dualboot with Windows whatever and Linux (Suse). Last
configuration was:

Partion 1, Primary,  fat32
Partion 2, Extented
Partion 3, Logical,  ReiserFS
Partion 4, Logical,  Fat 32 (Or maybe fat16, can't remember)

This configuration was done with Partition Magic.

Now one day I just felt like starting Partition Magic to see if everything was
okay, and it immediately suggested some small correction to something. Thsi
was a bad idea, as I haven't been able to boot this disk ever since.

If I try to start the computer with a Partition Magic rescue disk nothing
happens, and program like EasyRecovery also doesn't seems to be able to see

During my tries of getting some kind of contact to the disk I have deleted the
first partition, and replaced it with a DOS partition, which I can boot. But
this haven't brought me any further.

Then I bought a new harddisk, and installed Windows and Linux Suse again, and
the installation program of Suse is apparently able to something. A least it
claim that there are 55 partion of 15,7 MB all starting at 1020 and ending at
1021, and all called linux native. Whatever that may be?

It seems like the extended partition is recognized correct:

/dev/hdb4, 29,4 MB, Win95 Ext'd (LBA), 1020, 4862

Now starting parted 1.4.18 claims that there is a concurrent partition, and
starting parted 1.6.3 informs the following:

Warning: unable to allign partition properly. This probably means that another
partition tool generated an incorrect partition table, because it didn't have
the correct BIOS geometry. It is safe to ignore, but ignore may cause
(fixable) problems with some boot loaders.

Now, what do I do, if I want my logical fat partition back? I was of course
here I saved everything I made, both from the Windows partition and from the
Linux partition.
Can I just go ahead with rescue? and how precise shall my guess be about
beginning and ending of the partition?

I hope someone can help.


Søren Vedsted

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