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Re: bootdisk for reiser

From: Yury Umanets
Subject: Re: bootdisk for reiser
Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002 23:38:35 +0400
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Massimo Maiurana wrote:



I just downloaded parted 1.6.2 boot and rootdisk to try to manipulate my
reiserfs / partition. I saw that libreiserfs was needed to use parted on
such fs and downloaded it too, thinking I could put it on a separate
floppy to mount after the boot.

now the questions:
the version of parted that is included in the rootdisk can use
libreiserfs? I saw that it is'nt a dinamic executable, so I guess it
can't load shared libraries, right?

It doesn't matter. Parted may be linked staticaly. It means that dlopen and friends will lie in parted executable. And they will be available in this maner for usage.
have you got any reccomendation to make a new rootdisk from a fresh
compiled version of parted, if I cannot use the one I have for my

thanks in advance for your kind answers, but please cc: them to me while
I'm not on this list :)

Yury Umanets

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