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Re: reiserfs resizing problem

From: Yury Umanets
Subject: Re: reiserfs resizing problem
Date: Thu, 07 Nov 2002 01:18:21 +0300
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adriel goddard wrote:
Hi Adriel,

im not sure what it is that im not doing correctly. but i cant seem to
get parted to resize a reiserfs partition..all the links i find that
point me to sites to download libreiserfs dont contain any files called
libreiserfs..so i downloaded and installed
progsreiserfs-0.3.1-rc7.tar.gz and then installed parted (im on a
mandrake distro, and used urpmi parted). but when i do parted /dev/hda6
it tells me that reiserfs support isnt implemented..im not sure what to
do. thanks for any help.
The correct version of progsreiserfs for parted-1.6.3 is http://reiserfs.linux.kiev.ua/progsreiserfs- Try it, and I'm sure, you will be able to do your job :)

All later versions have higher interface version and parted can't use them.

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