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Reordering partitions

From: Ross Boylan
Subject: Reordering partitions
Date: Mon, 25 Nov 2002 19:03:20 -0800

I have a disk with an extended partition. The last 2 logical partitions in the chain physically precede some of the earlier ones. They are Linux partitions; some of the earlier ones are NTFS.

Is there a way I can resequence the logical partitions so they appear in physical order? I really only want to alter the chaining.

The immediate reason I need to do this is that I need to grow one of the NTFS partitions, and the tool I'm using (Partition Magic 4) refuses to have anything to do with the drive while the partitions are out of order. A secondary reason is that it warns that some tools may mess up the disk without the partitions in order (I use principally Linux and Windows 2000, with a little Windows 98).

Second, if I accomplish the resequencing, how much trouble is it going to cause? I believe that I can override the usual parameters in LILO enough to get on at least my root partition (which would move because of the operation) and then edit the appropriate tables to adjust. I'm not sure if I need to rerun LILO itself, or if it uses physical addresses (which won't change). I'm also not sure if the Windows disk recognizers will be thrown by the changes. Since the partition with the OS for W2k is also affected by the rechaining, this could be a little ugly.

Anyway, I'd appreciate any advice. Please cc me, as I'm not subscribed to the list (I did check the last couple of months' archives before posting). Thanks.

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