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Re: libbslparted 5-12-02

From: Christian Meyer
Subject: Re: libbslparted 5-12-02
Date: 05 Dec 2002 18:08:49 +0100

Am Don, 2002-12-05 um 17.24 schrieb address@hidden:
> Just inform that  the code in 
> http://development.bluesock.net/en/code.html has been updated, the new 
> library 
> now don't eat the partitions after an extended partition. 
> And we have make some screenshots of the GUI we are developing, in:
> http://development.bluesock.net/en/screenshots.html
> This will be the partitioner program of our distribution. Now is pretty but 
> very unstable, i'll let you know when can be downloaded. 

This looks pretty cool!
We (another guy and me) have started a small standalone program for
managing the harddisk.
It needs in gtk+2. We haven't finished it hence lack of time.
I suggested to drop the current code and start from scratch using
gtkmm2. That's the reason why I'm currently trying to write the C++
Screenshots of the old code:

When the wrapper is done, we'll start coding on the GUI again.

Christian Meyer
GNOME (Deutschland)
E-Mail: address@hidden (address@hidden)
ICQ:    72107443

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