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Re: Putting .so symlinks in libs package for dlopen()ing?

From: Rob Browning
Subject: Re: Putting .so symlinks in libs package for dlopen()ing?
Date: Wed, 11 Dec 2002 14:00:43 -0600
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Andrew Clausen <address@hidden> writes:

> Yeah, this would be great!
>> (BTW does anyone know offhand of a good reference for what's supposed
>>  to happen when you end up with conflicting shared-lib sub-depends?
>>  I.e. libfoo -> libbar -> libbaz1
>>              -> libbax -> libbaz2
>>  so that libfoo is indirectly linked against two versions of libbaz?
>>  I've received conflicting info, including some anecdotal evidence
>>  that libfoo can actually end up with access to a mixture of symbols
>>  from both versions of libbaz.  If true, this would make it extremely
>>  difficult to actually use a "version check" function to make sure you
>>  loaded and were calling functions from the version you expected...)
> Why?  With dlsym(), you pass a handle to the particular library
> handle (that you got from dlopen()).  The version check you're
> doing is relevant to the library version that piece of code intends
> to use.

I think this may be more relevant to libs ld.so linked indirectly
against two different versions of the same lower lib.  Though I don't
have any real details, and I feel *sure* it's OS dependant.  I just
had hearsay evidence.

Rob Browning
rlb @defaultvalue.org, @linuxdevel.com, and @debian.org
Previously @cs.utexas.edu
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