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Re: --enable-part-static

From: TenThumbs
Subject: Re: --enable-part-static
Date: Mon, 16 Dec 2002 08:40:47 -0500 (EST)

On Sun, 15 Dec 2002, Andrew Clausen wrote:

> >
> > If you omit -Bdynamic then the implicit -lc will also be statically
> > linked which may be a feature.
> Ah, interesting.  Thanks for that!
> Any ideas how to make that work with libtool/automake?
> I guess I should stick these flags in parted_LDADD rather than
> parted_LDFLAGS, so I can control the ordering.

You should know that I think libtool is more trouble than it's worth but
I think you can do what you need with autoconf. Instead of adding, say,
-lncurses you use "$(DYNLD_BEGIN) -lncurses $(DYNLD_END)".  You do this
for all the -l libs. With the appropriate definitions you should be able
to do dynamic, part-static, and static links with the same structure.

> I wonder if there are portability issues?  Not that we support
> anything other than GNU[/Linux] ATM.

No doubt. The -Wl is gcc specific and -B* is GNU ld specific. I think,
though, that most decent platfomr linkers ca do the same tricks.

> Cheers,
> Andrew

Completely off-topic, in the TODO file you ask: "when Windows doesn't
shut down properly, it knows about it.  How?"  Have you looked at
<http://www.microsoft.com/hwdev/hardware/fatgen.asp>? There's some
interesting docs there.

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