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Re: API changes

From: Yury Umanets
Subject: Re: API changes
Date: Mon, 12 May 2003 20:18:17 +0400
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Lo'oRiS il Kabukimono wrote:

i used lots of months ago libparted, and probably it was 1.4.x version...

i noticed some changes in 1.6, such as:

· ped_init() disappeared... correct?

AFAIK I know, ped_init() was eliminated due to moving its stuff into _init() which is constructor modified function. That is, it will be called auto-magicaly ;-)

· PED_PARTITION_PRIMARY disappeared too... and if i want to know if
partition is primary? type is =0?


some other relevant changes i didn't notice?

I don't know full list, but I guess it is huge one :)

Yury Umanets
"We're flying high, we're watching the world passes by..."

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