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Re: disk drake

From: Szakacsits Szabolcs
Subject: Re: disk drake
Date: Tue, 13 May 2003 05:08:15 +0200 (MEST)

> >>> Distromakers are not intersted in supporting concurrent product

Unless somebody invested. Or they realise the benefits of the investment,
being short or long term, direct or indirect ....

> >>> (RedHat is promoting and developing ext3).

One of the biggest technology mistakes Red Hat does. Instead embraced and
adapted XFS (or other advanced fs) they're spending a lot of time and
effort to patch the totally outdated ext2 for about 5-6 years. Still ext3
feature set is basically nothing today but it does that with limits. Did
you know that ext2 and XFS were designed about the same time? And XFS is
still something like 5-10 years ahead?

> >> well, i think that more people would install linux, if the linux
> >> *installer* could resize more kind of partitions.

Well, at least 90 millions XP sold so far, most preinstalled as one NTFS.
With illegal copies it's estimated over 200 millions.

One of the main reasons I wrote ntfsresize 10 months ago (it was easy,
others already did the hard work with libntfs and reverse engineering)
was that I felt embarassed when friends, co-workers asked how they could
install Linux on a W2K/XP and the answer was always "Linux can't do it"
(I also wasn't aware ASPLinux supported this for a year already at that
time) and there wasn't any work onging to address this FAQ.

> > You are right in egneral. But AFAIK, libparetd is using only by redhad
> > installer.

You mean Red Hat? I don't think so, it's one of the most infant
installation, I couldn't see significant improvements in the last 8 years,
only added complications/bugs (last time installing Red Hat 9 I used text
install [GUI didn't work] so the cool stuffs are maybe there).

However Mandrake uses libparted and I was very impressed with DiskDrake
(being mostly Red Hat user for a long time).

> Xandros installer is also using libparted, and for NTFS resize a
> commercial program PQDisk... There was nothing else for NTFS when
> Xandros came out...

Only ASPLinux's NTFS resizer for over a year and the current open source
ntfsresize is also basically what I released last July [plus volume
enlargement what installs never use]. Xandros came out in October. Please
see more details with links (and of course send corrections if appropriate):


However it's true, ntfsresize can't relocate data as PQDisk (it would need
about another week _devoted_ development) but it's also not buggy ;) Or
did you fix the resize problem PQDisk had?


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