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Re: 120 Gig problem

From: Kai Hendry
Subject: Re: 120 Gig problem
Date: Sat, 14 Jun 2003 09:50:27 +0300
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On Fri, Jun 13, 2003 at 06:26:41 +0000, Andrew Clausen wrote:
> On Fri, Jun 13, 2003 at 11:11:48AM +0300, Kai Hendry wrote:
> > I don't think this is parted's fault per se, as cfdisk seems to behave
> > similarly. 
> > What I want to please ask is ways and means of repairing this anomaly?
> It looks like the file system is smaller than the partition that
> contains it.  I've got no idea how that happened (do you?)

I initially assumed I could upgrade with:
dd if=/dev/hdb of=/dev/hda

It was really slow, and I hope it didn't mess with my new HD. Anyway I
interuptted that process as it was taking far too long, and proceeded to delete
partitions and create new ones and cp -ax stuff across.

> Try resizing partition 3 to the same size:
>       (parted) resize 3 19579 114470

Using /dev/hda
Information: The operating system thinks the geometry on /dev/hda is 
14593/255/63.  Therefore, cylinder 1024 ends at 8032.499M.
(parted) print
Disk geometry for /dev/hda: 0.000-114473.460 megabytes
Disk label type: msdos
Minor    Start       End     Type      Filesystem  Flags
1          0.031  19100.720  primary   ext3        boot
2      19100.720  19579.218  primary   linux-swap
3      19579.219 114470.969  primary   ext3
(parted) resize 3 19579 114470
No Implementation: This ext2 filesystem has a rather strange layout!  Parted 
can't resize this (yet).

Now where? :)

-Kai Hendry

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