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HFS+ Resize problems

From: Stewart Smith
Subject: HFS+ Resize problems
Date: Wed, 2 Jul 2003 15:12:30 +1000
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grabbed the Gentoo live CD for ppc (pretty cool)

grabbed the parted-static with hfs+ support (presumably with the 8th
patch, although i did compile my own too just to be sure) and (after
the backup) tried the resize of the 40GB HFS+ partition with about
30.5GB of data on it.

Didn't get far. Got a (very breif) display of "resizing" and then
back to the parted prompt. Partition undamaged mind you :)

I tried both with and without journaling enabled on the partition
(generally run it with journaling on under OSX).

Any thoughts?

The partition fsck's okay under OSX (in single user).

It's interesting to note that FWB Partition Toolkit also seems to crap
itself, although it does it by just bombing OS9 with a type 10 error.
I've mailed their tech support.... if i don't get a response soon I'm
going to start getting antzy at them (read cancelling the Visa payment) :)

I'd be happy to help with a OSX port/HFS+ testing. I've got an iMac 266
sitting around here that I could load X onto (currently running Debian,
when it's switched on) and link up to the net via SSH if that helps
(Andrew, saw your post a little while back asking for something like this)

It's only got a 6GB disk, but should be enough - used to have OSX on there,
not fastest thing in the world, but surprisingly usable.

Stewart Smith
Vice President, Linux Australia
http://www.linux.org.au (personal: http://www.flamingspork.com)

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