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parted controlled by script

From: bem
Subject: parted controlled by script
Date: Wed, 02 Jul 2003 16:53:39 +0200

Hi all,

first of all thanks for this very usefull program.

Now to my problem. I have to use parted
(version 1.6.5) from a script environment.
To do this I just wonted to input all the
interactive key strokes to a file and to
redirect this file into parted. Like this:

parted /dev/hdc < input_parted

This input_file looks like that:
resize 6  4094.723 6000

But if I do like this parted seems not to
accept the command and nothing happens.
If I try to redirect  the output to a file:

parted /dev/hdc < input_parted > output_parted

this output_parted file remains empty.

Is it possible at all to contoll parted by a input
file or not? Do I do something wrong?

I tryed this:
parted --s /dev/hdc < input_parted
but it did not work; also
parted --s intut_parted
with "select /dev/hdc" in the first line
in input_parted file.

Thanks for helping.

Benjamin Mertke



Benjamin Mertke
Carl-Benz-Stra├če 19
D-78224 Singen

Tel. +49 7731 9057 730
Fax +49 7731 9057 655

E-Mail: address@hidden
Internet: www.GETembedded.de

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