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Error: fat_table_alloc_cluster: no free clusters

From: Fernando Fuganti
Subject: Error: fat_table_alloc_cluster: no free clusters
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2003 13:50:13 -0300
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Ola' Clausen !

Parted doing wrong here... (well... I forced it a bit too ;)

this happening to me near at the end (I think) of resize operation to shrink
partition to smallest size possible - passing to parted a value lower than
the real start and smaller than real size - and after that, the partition
table became corrupted...

well, I had the original values to (try to) restore partitions but I'm
afraid of FAT corruption (/me runs), so, is there something that could be
done before my attempt to run gpart ?

Attached is the complete parted session (still opened) and fdisk -l output
after corruption.

Fernando Fuganti
Aeroclube de Planadores de Balsa Nova
Visite: www.planador.org.br - www.planadores.org.br

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