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amiga partitioning support for parted

From: Sven Luther
Subject: amiga partitioning support for parted
Date: Wed, 16 Jul 2003 13:50:14 +0200
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I am currently at Debconf 3 in Oslo, working at adding support for amiga
partitioning scheme to libparted. I hope to have this finished before
the end of Debcamp.

I have printed the API documentation, and taking the disk_bsd.c as an
exampledocumentation, but i am really missing some documentation on how
to write the code, not from the libparted user side, but from the
partitioning side, what exactly each of the functions are supposed to do
and so on.

I have a few questions though, and i write here since i got this address
trough the API file.

BTW, current 1.6.5 debian parted package does not build with gcc 3.3, i
have a fixed patch which i will apply to the debian package, but i guess
you already have fixed this in CVS or something such. If not, i would
gladly send you this patch.

Ok, and now my questions :

The amiga partitioning can be set at any place in the first 16 (512) blocks.
When creating a new part table, usuallyblock 0 is used, altough you
could use block 2 or later, and have both a PC partition table and a
amiga partition table on the same disk. Now, when i clobber the disk, I
should just remove the first found amiga partition id, and not remove it
on all 16 blocks ? Also, is there a way to telling the higher levels
that we are looking at a partition on block n, and not have to search
for it each time ?

If i understood right, alloc, free and duplicate only handle virtual
partition tables on the disk, and read/write read/write them to the
disk. Same goes for partition entries.

But as said, i don't know exactly what the functions are supposed to do.


Sven Luther

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