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ped_disk_delete_all() problem.

From: Seung B. Lee
Subject: ped_disk_delete_all() problem.
Date: 28 Jul 2003 17:59:15 +0900

I'm newbie to parted.

I want to delete all partitions on a disk like below.

        dev = ped_device_get (argv[1]);
        if (!dev) goto error;
        if (!ped_device_open (dev)) goto error;
        disk = ped_disk_open (dev);
        if (!disk) goto error_close_dev;
        if (ped_disk_delete_all (disk))
            printf("[PARTED] All disk partition is deleted.\n");
        if (ped_device_sync (dev))
            printf("[PARTED] device is synchronized.\n");

But no partition is deleted.
I installed parted-devel-1.4.24-6.i386.rpm on RedHat 8.0(2.4.20-19.8).

Thanks in advance.

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