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Disk Imaging

From: William Ingersoll
Subject: Disk Imaging
Date: 07 Aug 2003 11:08:58 -0500

I do not understand the section in the Parted Manual on "Disk Imaging."
I currently have a 100G Western Digital HD with 9 minor partitions
according to parted: 
Disk label type: msdos 
Minor    Start       End     Type      Filesystem  Flags 
1          0.031  23838.640  primary   fat32       boot, lba 
2      23838.640  95393.781  extended              lba 
5      23838.671  47677.280  logical   fat32 
6      47677.311  71515.920  logical   fat32 
7      71515.951  77508.918  logical   ext3 
8      77508.949  78003.105  logical   linux-swap 
9      78003.136  95393.781  logical   ext3 
I installed a second 140G WD HD. I want to copy an exact replica of
original drive to the new drive so that I can remove the original drive
and make the new drive the boot drive. The WD software that came with
the drive claims it will do this but it won't.  
The "Disk Imaging" section of the manual indicates I need a boot CD but
when I try to go to the link on your homepage
"ftp://ftp.gnu.org/gnu/parted/bootdisk/partboot.img"; I get the message
"550 Failed To Change Directory." As I have no idea what this means it
doesn't help much. 
I am using Mandrake Linux and Lilo as the boot program. 
I would appreciate any help you could give me 
Bill Ingersoll 

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