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Reach 40,000 surfers daily, spam free, forever.... zx118

From: account
Subject: Reach 40,000 surfers daily, spam free, forever.... zx118
Date: Mon, 15 Sep 2003 11:01:46 GMT

If you feel that you have NOT subscribed, or, simply wish to unsubscribe, 
please click 
the hyper link at the bottom of this email. 
Please do NOT respond with REMOVE or DELETE as they do NOT remove you from the 
newsletter email list.

Dear Traffic newsletter subscriber,

Reach 10's of 1000's of users daily without using email !!!

If you are selling or marketing on the Internet, there is no getting away from 
direct marketing.
Nothing sells like direct marketing. This was accomplished through Bulk email 
which has now become illegal.
Now, you can accomplish the same thing by using ICQMPE but without it being 
You can send your makrketing message 10's of 1000's of ICQ surfers every day 
for ever WITHOUT using email.
You will not run out of ICQ users to send to either, there are approximately 25 
million of them on the Internet.

Don't miss this effective and easy to use marketing tool, as an Internet 
marketer, you can not afford to be
without such a tool.

Check it out at http://www.webcruizer.com/spamless.htm

Best Regards,
Webcruizer Team 

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