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Minor text errors in info file

From: root
Subject: Minor text errors in info file
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2003 21:14:22 +0000
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Here are some suggested corrections to the parted.texi file from version 1.6.5.

There are no technical issues, only small changes to spelling and grammar.
Some of the proposals correct obvious typos. Other proposals you may not like. (I am a native speaker of British English.) If you prefer, I can post a patch
implementing some or all of the corrections.

Line 218:platforms (Linux at the moment!)...

This seems to contradict the mention of GNU/Hurd a few lines later.

Line 277:when if some libraries will be available...

Did you mean "when or if" or "when/if"?

Line 444:your computer, that does memory checks, etc.  You can not (easily)

I prefer "cannot".

Line 516:Commands can be typed in, either in English, or your native language (if win32/.

Either the second comma is wrong or there should be
a matching "in" before "native language".

Line 534:dangerous, unless it's something that's obviosuly


Line 539:something significanlty different to what you asked.  Since many


Line 768:@var{fs-type} must be on of these supported file systems:

one of these

Line 944:This is useful if you accidently deleted a partition with parted's rm


Line 1176:shouldn't be using either partitions.

either partition

Line 1398:inside your computer, that does memory checks, etc.  You can not


Line 1418:They all work in a similar way. None of these BIOSes understand or know


Line 1452:Windows boot partition (@pxref{set} for information about about


Line 1462:told us about occassions where Windows corrupts its own file systems,


Line 1520:preferrable (see @pxref{CHS to LBA mode}).


Line 1857:Windows 2000 require you to re-install the boot loader if you change the


Line 1929:Yaboot needs its own boot strap partition that must be at least 800k.


Line 1979:you made the partition table. (This will be fixed, with kernel 2.4, and

made to the partition

Line 2023:MS Windows and OS/2 only supports the msdos disk label. Therefore, if


Line 2146:So, in practise, you can always shrink your partition (because Parted


Line 2156:@uref{http://reiserfs.osdn.org.ua}. (It is likely to be availabe soon from


Line 2164:Parted's supports copying of ext2 and ext3 file systems only when the

Parted supports

Line 2197:Parted can not grow the cluster size of FAT file systems (yet). This


Line 2224:DoubleSpace, so everything said here applies should apply to DoubleSpace

Which is it?

Line 2265:size. NOTE: Parted doesn't give good feedback on what the numbers, to

It (still) doesn't make a lot of sense around here.

Line 2532:organisations would find it impossible switch from Windows to GNU/Linux

to switch


There is a general inconsistency between "Parted" and "parted", and between
"Linux" and "linux", but I don't think it is worth fixing.

Best wishes, and thanks for the program,

John Green

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