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Possible to do in Parted ???

From: Thomas Fraefel
Subject: Possible to do in Parted ???
Date: Thu, 22 Jan 2004 23:30:14 +0100

Hello bug-parted,

I wonder if something like this is possible to do in Parted ?:
-- cut from news.txt (format 0.91m by Eric Auer (Freedos)) --
 - added /A flag for cluster alignment (make each FAT 4*n
                sectors big / reserved area 8*n sectors big), for WinXP
                NTFS conversion (NTFS clusters start at sector 0 and are
                preferrably 8 sectors each in WinXP: Win2000, or WinXP-if-
                sizes-are-unaligned can only handle 1 sector / cluster!
                 described on 

Any ideas ?


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