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Parted resizing FAT32 => overwriting?

From: Ryan Underwood
Subject: Parted resizing FAT32 => overwriting?
Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2004 16:54:33 -0600
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I deleted a ReiserFS partition and used parted to resize a pre-existing
FAT32 partition over the whole previous space of the Reiser partition.
Afterwards, I realized a mistake and tried to recover the data from the
Reiser portion (knowing the start location) by using parted to scan for
the partition start.  But parted refused to find the start of the old
partition (within the resized FAT32 one).

Does the FAT32 partition need to be deleted now in order for parted to
find an old Reiser superblock within that partition (it cannot be
downsized to the original size)?  Or does the FAT32 conversion somehow
overwrite data in the latter portion of the filesystem, that has not
been written to by normal filesystem operation yet?


Ryan Underwood, <address@hidden>

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