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Laptop w/ USB Floppy drive

From: Michael Fernholz
Subject: Laptop w/ USB Floppy drive
Date: Mon, 15 Mar 2004 23:58:07 -0600
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I believe the problem is the fact that I'm using a laptop with a usb Floppy drive.

What my problem is...

I created the partedboot.img floppy

How do I create the partedroot.img floppy...when I try to download it, I can never seem to find the img file. Do I need to create it myself. If so, How?


One I boot the floppy, it runs fine until it asked to insert the disk with the root on it. I don't know if I have the right disk made, but when I insert the one I have (disk #2) and hit 'Enter', the floppy drive doesn't boot. This is where I think that the USB floppy drive isn't responding to the boot system.


Could you please tell me first, how to create the partedroot.img (not boot) file.

Second...could you please tell me if the USB floppy disk drive is a problem.


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