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Concerning the virus warnings

From: Brian Chance
Subject: Concerning the virus warnings
Date: Wed, 17 Mar 2004 17:08:58 +0100

I'm not sure whether I'm able to send messages to this list or my account has 
been deactivated. I've been receiving warnings about alleged viruses that I 
supposedly sent to this mailing list - however, *this* message is the absolute 
first message I'm sending to address@hidden I'd like to know what the IP was 
that the virus-containing emails originated from, and/or how it was possible 
that a virus could have sent itself from this webmail account considering I 
have no record of the address@hidden e-mail address on my computer (i.e. ruling 
out the possibility that a virus may have sent itself from an addressbook on my 
Thanks for any help - and I'd appreciate it if someone could indicate *what* 
virus it was that I supposedly sent. 

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