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I've moved!

From: email moraes at cs dot toronto dot edu
Subject: I've moved!
Date: Sun, 21 Mar 2004 20:32:45 -0500

[This is a recording]

I'm now working for Teleias International in Walnut Creek.

John DiMarco jdd at cs dot toronto dot edu has taken over further
development of xcpustate.  The current version can be obtained via
anonymous ftp from:

The latest version of Jove can be found in
ftp.cs.toronto.edu:/pub/moraes/jove.  Questions about it should be
directed to jovehacks at cs dot toronto dot edu.

If it's about any of the other programs I've written or maintain (eg.
xpic, xtroff, xplaces, or malloc), current versions are in
ftp.cs.toronto.edu:/pub/moraes.  I have very little time to maintain
them, I'm afraid.  Sorry.

If it's because I haven't answered your mail for a long time, my
apologies.  I'm so far behind on my email that it's unlikely I'll ever
catch up.

        Mark Moraes.

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