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BUG: Parted 1.6.8 missing .so extension

From: Patrick J. LoPresti
Subject: BUG: Parted 1.6.8 missing .so extension
Date: 03 Apr 2004 13:19:22 -0500

I am compiling Parted 1.6.8 on a RedHat 9 system.

The bug is that Parted's shared libraries have no .so extension.

The problem is that the ltmain.sh shipped with Parted 1.6.8 is
ancient.  It does not recognize the "shrext" configuration variable
which is set in the "libtool" file generated by ./configure.

I copyed ltmain.sh from libtool 1.5.2, and the bug disappeared.  I
suggest refreshing ltmain.sh in the next release of Parted.


 - Pat

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