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problems with manual

From: Tiago Saboga
Subject: problems with manual
Date: Fri, 9 Apr 2004 00:27:31 -0300
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I'm a new user on linux (debian sarge), and I didn't understand 2 points in 
the manual. The manual is very friendly, and so I decided to come here for 
more help (excuse me if I do some mistakes in english; I can read but have 
some trouble to write ;-)

Let's go!

1) In section 1.6 of the manual (Using a Parted Boot Disk) it's written: "If 
you run Parted on a machine without GNU/Linux intalled, or you want to resize 
a root or boot partition, you will need to use a boot disk."
It's ok. But what if I want just to move a root/boot partition? Do I have to 
use a boot disk too? I guess I have, but I think it isn't clear...

2) In section 2.4.8 (move) there is a note:
"move never changes the minor number"

If I do understand this, in my case:

Minor    Início      Fim     Tipo      Sistema de arquivos  Sinalizador
1          0,031  18002,526  primária  ntfs        boot
2      18002,527  39205,502  extendida             lba
5      18002,558  30019,899  lógica    ntfs
6      34036,181  34091,059  lógica    fat32
7      34091,090  34616,623  lógica    linux-swap
8      34616,654  35095,122  lógica    ext2
9      35095,153  37001,271  lógica    ext2
10     37001,303  37573,901  lógica    ext2
11     37573,932  39103,527  lógica    ext2
12     39103,559  39205,502  lógica    ext2

I can't do
move 9 30019,9 34036,18
because this would change the minor number of the partition?


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