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Feature request: Show gaps and partitions sizes

From: jari . aalto
Subject: Feature request: Show gaps and partitions sizes
Date: Sat, 17 Apr 2004 23:54:47 +0300

There would be two things that would make parted more useful.

1) If the partitions are not consequent, ie. there is free space
between them - a gap - , it would be good if the "print" command
reported [gap XXX bytes, kilos ...] between them.

Looking at the pure BEG and END values is hard to "see" where the gaps would
be and how to make informed partition chnages.

2) The "print" listing is desperately missing the total size of the partition.
This would help great deal deciding how to resize or chnage the partitions.

Examples below. Note, I did not change the values, just added the cases
I raised for 1 and 2 to show what I meant.


                             This field could record the END - START
Minor    Start       End     Size  Type      Filesystem  Flags
1          0.031    753.046         primary   ext2        boot
2        753.047  28615.781         extended              lba
5        753.078   4702.851         logical   ext3        
[gap 2500k]                         
6       4702.882   8704.335         logical   ext3        
7       8704.367  26711.015         logical   ext3        
[gap 5567k]                         
8      28099.015  28615.781         logical   linux-swap  

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