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Apple creator codes

From: address@hidden
Subject: Apple creator codes
Date: Sat, 24 Apr 2004 01:46:43 +0200

Hi everybody,

I've just register Apple creator codes for Parted.
They're used in HFS+ (and the recent HFSx) volume header to
identify the last implementation that made changes to the
volume. This is quite important for fsck, data recovering
utilities, or even file system driver, if for any reason
something went wrong. The other implementation can use this
code as an hint to try to fix the FS.

Here are the one I reserved for us :
Shnk traP GP16 GnuP PH+x Xpnd PH+x Resz GP17 GP18 GP19 GP20

I saw that PART Part PArt PaRT ... are all registred by
another guy.
GPED and GPed too
I just wanted to check that these codes weren't registred
for Parted too.
So if anyone did that, please tell me. Anyway I've registred
enough codes right now.

I think I'll use Shnk for my patch when shrinking, Xpnd when
expanding if I write the code to do that. Maybe writing both
the version and what is done could be a good idea, so I
might register Sk16 , Xd17 Cp16 or things like that too.


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