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HFS Patch 10 for Parted -1.6.10 is out

From: address@hidden
Subject: HFS Patch 10 for Parted -1.6.10 is out
Date: Sun, 25 Apr 2004 17:40:02 +0200


I've just released version 10 of my HFS patch
for GNU Parted-1.6.10

Address :

Changes :
* Regression tests (not yet 100% ready, because
   HFS and HFS+ linux drivers have some bugs,
   i'm not 100% compatible with newfs_hfs, and
   HFS(+) drivers add some metadata files in the
   tree, as patch doesn't set permissions,
   test_fs_hfs* are not executable and this is a
   safe state for now)
* Correction of URL of Apple documentation
* In effect_move_extent :
   -  corrected a bug in precondition checks
   - dynamic memory allocation moved out
      of the function to increase speed
* Added error messages
* Check ped_alloc results
* Use macro for test / set / clear in the
   allocation bitmap
* Light probe correction
* Check return value of get_empty_end
* Check HFS+ version
* Set implementation creator code
* Check journal absence
* Corrected a bug in HFS+ block number

It should work everywhere version 9 did,
and it is now more safe for user data.


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